All Galvanized Materials

All materials used in our kits are made from galvanized steel including all hardware. The hoops, purlins and cross supports are made from 1 3/8" galvanized tube. Our kits are expandable in the length so if you need more space, simply call us and we can build more hoops and supply you with the needed items to expand your greenhouse's length in 4 foot increments anytime in the future. This is much cheaper than adding another greenhouse.

The hardware we use is designed to last. Wiggle wire for wiggle wire channels is coated wire so you don't have to worry about corrosion or rust, purlin connectors are real brackets with bolt and nut connectors and not the typical spring wire some kits builders use.

Every kit is sold with free phone support so when your installing it and have a question you can call us anytime, even on the weekend to get answers when you need them.

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We are here to help and offer FREE PHONE SUPPORT even on the weekends. So if you have a question during installation help is just a phone call away.


With each green house you get a set of step by step instructions from how to layout your greenhouse to how to complete the assembly. We are also available by phone with any questions during assembly.


Our kits are built to order and we offer some of the fastest build times around. Order your kit by Sunday and your Greenhouse Kit will be ready for pick up the following Saturday afternoon.


The frames (Arches/Hoops) are built out of galvanized 1-3/8" metal tubes. All hardware is galvanized so you don't have to worry. Coated wiggle wire and all brackets are secured with galvanized bolt and nuts.


If you have special needs like roll up sides, double wrapped for better insulation, end walls built for fans or doors let us know. We can assist with most special needs. 


If you don't want to build your own end walls out of lumber (which we suggest) then we can build your end walls for you out of Galvanized tubing. They are included in our Pro Kit.