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  • Great question John. A 20′ × 24′ greenhouse kit takes about four to five days to assemble with one or two other people assisting. But of course this has a lot to do with the weather. The first day of assembly is typically installing your ground supports and letting the concrete used for them cure over night. The second and possible third day is assembling your hoops and installing your purlins and cross supports. Depending on if you build your own end walls or we build them for you (which is our Pro Kit) it will take a day to build them and install your wiggle wire channels along the bottom sides after installing your 2″ × 6″ bottom frame around your greenhouse. Now the fun part, putting your plastic on. This has to be done on a calm day with very little to no wind. That long sheet of plastic is like a huge sail on a windy day. It is suggested to have at least three people total to help with the plastic and if you can find that fourth person, well don’t turn them away.

    Robert Cowart
  • How long does it take to assemble a 20 × 24 greenhouse kit and how many people does it take?

    John C

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