Lumber on Sides Rolling Up The Sides
Picture shows the 2 x 4 lumber 4' up on sides, plastic is over this and then you would attach a 1 x 4 over plastic, this hold the plastic and allows sides to be rolled up to this point. The bottom lumber is a 2 x 6.

Since you typically only need to roll up the sides at the start of warm weather and down at start of cooler weather, most people simply hand roll the sides and hold up with Velcro.

Wood Frame End Wall Our Framed End Walls
This is a basic end wall, as you see it only takes a few pieces of treated lumber, they can easily be attached to the framed arch with wood screws through the arch and into the lumber. If you would like us to build your end walls, this is an example of how they would look. The two center supports that hold door frame are adjustable so they will fit your door.

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  • What if I outgrow my greenhouse?
    Our unique design allows you to expand the length of your greenhouse at anytime. Simply order more hoops and you can extend the length of your greenhouse in 4' increments. You will of course need to order more plastic and just move one end wall.
  • How many people does it take to assemble?
    Depending on the size of your greenhouse kit, for safety and ease it is suggested to have at least two people to assemble your kit. When it is time to install your plastic covering, the more the better.

  • What happens if I have questions?
    We give you a direct contact number in case you have questions during the assembly process of your greenhouse 7 days a week. Making the job easy is our priority.

  • Do I have to concrete the ground supports?
    We highly recommend that you use concrete around each ground support.

  • How long will it take to build my greenhouse?
    The first day you will be installing your ground supports, they will go 18" into the ground and then allow time for the cement to dry. Then it will take a day to install the arches, purlins and cross connectors. The the third day to install your plastic. again, it depends on the size of your green house and how many people you have helping you.

  • Do I have to drill holes in anything?
    With our new design and hardware, there is no longer a need to drill holes in any of the materials to build your greenhouse except for the wiggle wire channels if you buy and use them.

  • Do instructions come with my greenhouse kit??
    Each kit comes with step by step instructions explaining how to assemble your kit. It includes how to square up your greenhouse to how to put on your plastic.

  • Do I have to use wiggle wire?
    No, you do not have to use wiggle wire channels on your greenhouse. But, they do make the job easier and if you want to roll up the sides of your greenhouse it is better on the plastic as it you can connect or un-connect the plastic from your framing easily and quickly.

  • How deep do I bury the ground supports?
    The ground supports are buried 18", you will have to dig each hole with post hole diggers or an auger.

  • How big can I make door openings if I get pre-made end walls?
    Our end walls are designed so the door opening is adjustable, so you can have your door openings from 24" to 60" wide.